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No Roots by Faithless

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After a decade as one of the world’s most successful dance acts, Faithless’s distinct sound has put them at risk of becoming dinosaurs. Thankfully No Roots doesn’t rest on the laurels of former glory and delivers something quite special. Sister Bliss’s shrill, semi-hard-house synth stabs are all but gone, replaced by less dated sounds and more thoughtful use of them. Tempos are lower and song structure plays a more valuable part, for No Roots is in fact only two gigantic, epic songs, with each track a progression on the previous one and clever segues leading into the next. The only song that doesn’t fall into “Parts 1 & 2” is the lead single version of “Mass Destruction” tacked on the end; it’s a funky, breaks-based tune with Maxi Jazz’s trademark vocal (used sparingly throughout the album) over live bass and guitars.

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